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willy wonka trailer...link..

Sooo...after watching the tralior over and over and over agian..you get the idea...and yes every bit was worth it...My friend Shanna and I have FINALLY got the lyrics...there my be one or 2 missing or wrong words/lines...but this is what we think is the closes we got....
I cant Effing wait till is comes out!!..gunna were my Top hat, purple jacket, and have a cane...but anyway..the LYRICS!!
Let's boogie...willy wonka, willy wonka, the amazing chocolatere, willy wonka willy wonka, everybody give a cheer, he's not as clever and as smart he barely can restrain, there's so much generosity there is no way to continue...*spoken*eww....willy wonka, willy wonka he is a genius who just can't be beat, the magician and the chocolate waste...*pop* *spoken*chewing gum is really gross, chewing gum i hate the most...willy wonka here he is!
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